Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Play with Your "Edges"

Whether in Life or in Yoga, it is so important to "play around" with your edge rather than fearing it or avoiding it all together.

"There are valid reasons for fearing your edge--danger lurks there. But so does growth. If fear prevents you from playing your edge, that same fear is preventing you from learning, from progressing, from developing your full potential, including full health..."

"...the edge is the cliff of challenge and change. It may be high, it may be scary,
but it is necessary. There are many kinds of edges. There is the physical edge...the emotional edge...the psychological edge...the spiritual edge..."

"Edges are where something is about to happen..."
                                                                                          --Bernie Clark in his book Your Body, Your Yoga

What edges are you playing with today?
How is that playfulness challenging and growing you?

What edges are you fearing, avoiding, or running away from?
How is that fear or avoidance keeping you stagnant?

I have an immense fear of heights. However, I play with my physical and mental edges by hiking mountains and getting as close as I mentally can to the edge to enjoy the incredible view. That view from the high points is exhilarating. It is worth every sore muscle and the occasional shaky legs, and it makes me feel wonderfully alive!

As long as we have life and breath, let us not stop playing, learning, growing, adventuring!  Savor every moment of this gift of life.

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