Thursday, September 26, 2019

Are You an Empath?

🌻💕Ca Yesterday, I came across a new article on Psychology Today from one of my favorite people, Judith Orloff, MD. The article, titled The Importance of Self-Care for Sensitive People: The art of self-care for thriving as an empath, excellently describes the empath person and goes on to talk about how important self-care is to an empath. (Self-care is VERY important!  MOST essential!)  If you experience a regular high sensitivity to the feelings of other people and the world around you, I recommend reading this article and also looking up all of Judith's books.  

A couple of years ago, when I first read one of Judith's books called The Empath's Survival Guide a whole new understanding dawned within my soul!  This book has been immensely eye opening and helpful to me, granting me a greater insight into myself and a greater compassion and understanding for myself.  

All my life, I knew I was a highly sensitive individual: highly sensitive to the feelings and energy of others and to the environment around me.  People often accused me of being "too sensitive" and that I "should get over it".  Those ignorant words only deepened my already hurting my heart.  I felt as if there was something wrong with me and repeatedly asked myself why couldn't I have "tougher skin".  Throughout my more mature adult life, I understood that I had high empathy skills, but I had never heard of the word "empath" until two and a half years ago when a friend told me about Judith's book.  

At times, being an empath can feel immensely overwhelming and can cause me much sorrow if I am not paying attention and being mindful to take care of myself.  Yet, I also know that being an empath is a most beautiful, wonderful gift to me and to the world.💕🌻

A brief snippet from the Psychology Today article:

"Empaths are helpers, lovers, and caretakers who often give too much at the expense of our own well-being. Research suggests that our mirror neuron system (a part of the brain responsible for compassion) is hyperactive, which can burn us out."  --Judith Orloff, MD

"As an empath, you have an open heart. You don’t have the same emotional guard up that many others do. You feel people’s pain--both loved ones and strangers--and you instinctively want to take it away from them."  --Judith Orloff, MD

You can read the article in its entirety by clicking on its title mentioned above.  

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