Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Look for me on YouTube and Insight Timer

Hello Friends!!!  

During all of this social distancing time, I have been a happy and busy butterfly working with my passions and getting creative juices flowing. I've been granted the time to accomplish new things which I have wanted to do but previously had trouble setting aside the time to do them.

Since teaching in person is currently impossible, I've been working on creating yoga videos and uploading them to my YouTube channel. While I much prefer connecting, relating, and teaching in person, posting class videos on YouTube offers my regular students a way to have access to my teaching when classes can't be attended in person.

I've also been recording guided meditations and uploading them to the Insight Timer app.  It takes about a week’s time for each meditation to go through the approval process and become live.  Therefore, I'm also adding the meditations to my YouTube channel for immediate access.

On the upper left ß side here of this website, you can click on the YouTube icon or the Insight Timer icon to link up to my pages and have access to all the videos and meditations.  Insight Timer meditations can be accessed online on your web browser, or you can download their free app to your phone.  On the app, you’ll find me by searching “MaryAnn Broussard – Feisty ‘n Free Wholistic Living”.

To get you started from this post, here are the links to the first 4 videos I’ve posted to the YouTube channel and the link to my profile page on Insight Timer:

YouTube Channel for Feisty 'n Free Wholistic Living with MaryAnn

May you be and stay healthy and strong. 
May you be at peace and feel joy. 
May you explore new opportunities with this different way of life we must live right now. 
May love and light guide your every day.

Namaste.  😊