Monday, July 29, 2019

Poem - I Will Live

I was inspired to write this poem after reading Dawna Markova’s book: I Will not Die an Unlived LifeThe poem is a culmination of all of who I am, my life, and my experiences up to this moment in time.  It took four months (February-June) to finalize it from the initial draft penned in my journal.  That's a very tiny fraction of time considering that the poem has been over 51 years in the making since the day I was born. Today, I nervously shared it publicly for the first time with my yoga students at the end of class.  It is no longer my own hidden jewel; it now also belongs to others who touch my life and whose lives I touch.  From my heart to yours, my fellow traveler on this journey of life.

I Will Live
by MaryAnn Broussard

I will live
a passionately embraced life,
savoring every day as if
it is my first and my last.

I will be
graceful and confident,
believing I am worthy and valuable;
that what I have to offer is
more than enough.

I will walk
each step with purpose,
regardless of the circumstances
around me or my loved ones.

I will fly
and soar the winds,
courageously persevering through
storms, doubts, and fears.

I will define
myself by my divine, infinite essence,
rather than the titles assigned to me
for a brief moment in time.

I will create
a life well-lived,
keeping my heart always
open and flowing forth
as loving and true.

I will shine
vibrantly as Radiant Joy,
wholeheartedly experiencing
this miraculous gift of life.

In all of these heartfelt intentions,
I will remain
mindfully present, here and now,
with me and you,
trusting boundless love
to carry us through.

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