Monday, November 3, 2014

VOTE YES on Proposition 105 (Colorado) and Measure 92 (Oregon)

COLORADO and OREGON voters are about to have an opportunity to vote for the labeling of GMO products. 

By now, Colorado voters, have received at least 4-5 large, colorful flyers paid for by Monsanto (the chemical company and makers of Round Up pesticide), Pepsi Co., Kraft, and General Mills which provide you with *misleading* information.  The flyers suggest that voting yes for GMO labeling will be harmful to the farmer and will cause grocery prices to skyrocket.  These are very misleading statements!!

The ones who have the most money to lose if you vote YES on PROPOSITION 105 are the companies I mentioned above.  Those companies have currently spent over *10 million dollars* (in Colorado and Oregon for this election) to sway you with misleading information.  They could have spent that money on properly labeling GMOs instead.  But they want to keep you in the dark and misinformed about GMO content in your foods and the subsequent dangers and negative consequences to our food supply and our health. 

Those companies will stop at nothing to keep the consumer unaware or misinformed so they can keep making more and more $ money $ without any regard as to how it will affect the consumer’s health.

If you want to be better informed about this matter before you vote in this election, please go to these websites:

          Right to Know Colorado 

          Food Democracy Now 

          YouTube video on GMO’s
          (This video mentions a film called the Future of Food  
          I recently watched The Future of Food film, and while I found it very enlightening, it also greatly upset me 
          because the general public is so unaware of the Frankenstein realities of Monsanto and GMOs.)

I hope you will join me in voting YES on Proposition 105 and caring for our health and that of future generations which include our children and grandchildren. 

Please share this information with other Colorado and Oregon voters.

Thank you for taking the time to be better informed about this matter.

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