Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Which Kind of Happy Makes You Happy?

I just read an article on HBR titled "What Kind of Happiness Do People Value Most?"

People were asked to answer the question of whether they preferred experiential happiness or remembered happiness.  They were also asked to explain the reason for their answer.  You can read the full article at the link I provided above.

I am curious to ask myself and others:

Which happiness choice do you typically make?
Experiential happiness or remembered happiness?

Is this the choice you want to continue making?  Is it bringing you "happy" results?

Does achieving happiness have to be as simplistic as one way or another or as complicated as it may sound in the article and the questions of the study?

Does it make sense to consider that if we intentionally choose experiential-living-in-the-moment happiness that we will also be creating happy memories for remembered happiness?

Could it also be that our perfect ideal of attaining "happiness" is perhaps too demanding of ourselves and others?  Perhaps it is too perfectionist?

Quote from the last sentence of the article:
"We’re all too busy, and we’re driven to turn down opportunities to constantly feel happy. But if you believe you want a life of happiness experienced in the moment, think twice before preventing yourself from achieving it."

Give yourself a much needed time out from all your life "busy" to seriously consider the things you want out of life and whether the choices you are making each day align with those goals.

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