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Feisty 'n Free Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

I initially posted this recipe on another one of my sites, Essential Oils for Health and Healing.  In the next few months, I will more than likely merge all the essential oil information from that site into this one. 

I've been searching for years to find the most natural, aluminum free deodorant that really works.    I have tried countless natural deodorants and wasted a lot of money doing so.  I finally came across a Tom's of Maine deodorant that somewhat worked, but it wasn't that great and quite pricey.  Using it, I was still having a problem with odor unless I remembered to reapply it multiple times a day.  A few weeks ago, I came across some homemade deodorant recipes.  One claimed to really, really work, but it had ingredients that I didn't have on hand and would have to order online.  That was too costly, and I wanted to use what I had on hand.  The recipes inspired me to work on my own formula that would work perfectly for me and my sensitive skin.

It took me about three or four tries, and I finally created this recipe that is simply amazing and works excellently!  I apply it once a day and no matter the heat or the sweat, I do not have any problems with odor whatsoever.  In fact, my daughter finally gave it a try and today she exclaimed, "Mom!  You're deodorant is amazing!!  I put it on once and there isn't any odor all day!  Plus, it does not stain my shirts."  Keep in mind that this is a deodorant, which means it prevents odor.  It is not an anti-perspirant.  Using this deodorant will not keep a person from sweating.  That’s not such a bad thing since sweating is used to release toxins from your body.

This recipe uses arrowroot starch and baking soda.  I discovered that only using baking soda makes the deodorant too harsh for sensitive skin and causes abrasion and painful, itchy redness.  Using too little baking soda will affect the deodorant's ability to prevent odor.  The combination I came up with of arrowroot and baking soda is perfect!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  This recipe makes approximately 8 ounces of deodorant.  I split the portion into two different containers; one for me and one for my daughter.  Four ounces for each of us lasts for many weeks.


68 grams (about 1/3 cup) of organic, virgin coconut oil
32 grams (about 2 TBSP + 2 tsp) organic unrefined shea butter
77 grams (about ½ Cup + 2 TBSP) of arrowroot powder/starch
50 grams (about 3 TBSP + 1 tsp) of baking soda
8 drops of essential oils of choice
(2) 4-ounce or (1) 8-ounce glass jelly jar or other small glass jar


Note: My favorite essential oils to use are lavender, tea tree, frankincense, geranium, and ylan ylang.

Soften the shea butter and coconut oil until creamy in glass container by setting on a warmer, or in a sauce pot on the stove set to very low heat.  Do not microwave either the butter or the oil.  I place the shea butter and oil in a glass measuring cup and set it on a cup warmer.

While they are melting I gather the dry ingredients and measure them out into a bowl.  Mix together with a whisk or fork.

With a whisk, mix the shea butter and coconut oil together as they soften, and after they have softened and mixed well together, mix in the essential oils.

Pour the oil/butter/essential oil mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients.  Mix together very well using a whisk.  

The mixture should have the consistency of a very thick pancake batter.  If it's more runny, place the entire mix in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to thicken it up and mix it well again before transferring into separate containers.  The reason for this being that if it's too runny to set quickly, the oil/butter will separate from the other ingredients before it sets and the deodorant will not work as well.

Pour the mix into container(s) chosen.  Place in the refrigerator for at least one hour for the mixture to set and harden.  Hardening it in the refrigerator helps to prevent separation of the ingredients from happening.

To apply deodorant, simply gather on your finger the amount equal to a very large pea and gently rub it on your underarm.   Apply a pea sized amount on each underarm. 

If the mixture is excessively hardened due to colder temperatures, I simply rake my thumbnail against it to collect the pea sized amount.  If the mixture is more liquid due to warmer temperatures, it is important to stir it first and mix the contents again before each application. 

I am very sensitive to essential oils on my underarms, and therefore do not use more quantity than the drops directed and only use mild oils I've recommended above.  


If you are wondering why it matters what deodorant you use, please read another one of my posts titled Deodorants, Anti-Perspirants, and Breast Cancer.  

When I initially posted this recipe on my other site along with the picture I've used in this post, I was only using doTERRA brand essential oils.  Since that time, I have learned much more about essential oils and currently prefer to use oils from the following two companies:

Florihana from Tropical Traditions
Aura Cacia

Whatever essential oils you decide to use, make sure they are 100% pure, of high quality, of excellent harvesting and extraction methods, and from a reputable company.  If you resort to purchasing "cheap" oils, you may also get a "cheap" quality product.  Cheap essential oils will not be as beneficial, could be toxic, and may actually do more harm than good.

Let me know what you think of the deodorant.  

©  MaryAnn Broussard

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